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  1. The headaches which afflicted Pascal are generally attributed to his brain lesion.
  2. On October 25, Armstrong's brain lesions were removed by Dr Scott Shapiro.
  3. Herrick died in Rochester, Minnesota at the Mayo Clinic from brain lesions.
  4. They defined cerebral palsy as a non-progressive brain lesion that results in impairment.
  5. Neuropsychological research includes studies of humans and animals with brain lesions.
  6. Nick has developed brain lesions that have left him partially blind.
  7. He had surgery to remove his right testicle and brain lesions.
  8. His right testicle was removed, as were two brain lesions.
  9. In 1965 she published " Abnormal Postural Reflex Activity Caused by Brain Lesions ".
  10. He also underwent surgery to remove two small brain lesions.

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