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  1. During brachiation, the body is alternately supported under each forelimb.
  2. Cylindrical force plates have also been constructed for studying arboreal locomotion, including brachiation.
  3. They move and climb through the forest by hand over hand ( brachiation ) motion.
  4. It moves by climbing and brachiation.
  5. Brachiation is a specialized form of arboreal locomotion, used by primates to move very rapidly while hanging beneath branches.
  6. As well as shaping the evolution of gibbon body structure, brachiation has influenced the style and order of their behaviour.
  7. Brachiation, or swinging from the arms with assistance from the prehensile tail, is the most common form of suspensory locomotion.
  8. Unlike many species of monkey, they have only a vestigial thumb, an adaptation which enables them to travel using brachiation.
  9. Another theory postulates that brachiation is a quieter and less obvious mode of locomotion than quadrupedal jumping and climbing thereby more successfully avoiding predators.
  10. Although they are arboreal creatures and are specialists of swinging from tree to tree ( brachiation ), they are also terrestrial when foraging.
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  1. swinging by the arms from branch to branch

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