bow meaning in Hindi

[ bəu ] sound:
bow sentence in Hindi
प्रणाम करने में झुकना
पर गज फेरना
ज़हाज का अग्रभाग
हार मानना
नमस्कार करना
सर झुकाना
पर गज फेरना
झुक जाना
सिर झुकाना
प्रणाम या नमस्कार करना
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  1. Observe them from downward; bow forwards and observe the shape of the breasts.
    पहली बार जब आप अपने वक्ष की जँाच करें |
  2. Style makes you think of the bow tie he might have worn
    इस्टाइल से आपको लगता होगा वो जिस प्रकार टाई पहनते थे
  3. That makes me bow down to any woman in front of me
    इस अनुभव के बाद मैं किसी भी महिला के आगे
  4. In other words , it is a struck bow .
    दूसरे शब्दों में यह एक बजाने वाला धनुष है .
  5. when they gave up the bow and arrow
    तो उन्होंने सियोक्स कहलाना बंद नहीं किया।
  6. Enraged , she pricked him with the sharp end of her bow .
    क्रोध में आगबबूला होकर उसने उसे अपने तीक्ष्ण बाण से बींध दिया .
  7. He was produced at the Bow Street police court on 14th March , 1910 .
    14 मार्च 1910 को उन्हें बो स्ट्रीट की पुलिस कोर्ट में पेश किया गया .
  8. The King bent his bow , shot at him , and pierced his bowels .
    राजा ने अपना धनुष झुकाया और बाण चलाकर उसकी अंतड़ियां निकाल डालीं .
  9. you will see that the bow will orient itself
    तो आप देखेंगे कि फीते की बो
  10. you will see that the bow orients itself
    तो आप देखेंगे कि गांठ की बो
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  1. a stroke with a curved piece of wood with taut horsehair strands that is used in playing stringed instruments
  2. a slightly curved piece of resilient wood with taut horsehair strands; used in playing certain stringed instruments
  3. a weapon for shooting arrows, composed of a curved piece of resilient wood with a taut cord to propel the arrow
  4. front part of a vessel or aircraft; "he pointed the bow of the boat toward the finish line"
    synonyms:, ,
  5. a knot with two loops and loose ends; used to tie shoelaces
  6. a decorative interlacing of ribbons
  7. an appearance by actors or performers at the end of the concert or play in order to acknowledge the applause of the audience
  8. bending the head or body or knee as a sign of reverence or submission or shame or greeting
  9. something curved in shape
  1. yield to another''s wish or opinion; "The government bowed to the military pressure"
    synonyms:, , ,
  2. bend one''s knee or body, or lower one''s head; "He bowed before the King"; "She bowed her head in shame"
  3. play on a string instrument with a bow
  4. bend the head or the upper part of the body in a gesture of respect or greeting; "He bowed before the King"
  5. bend one''s back forward from the waist on down; "he crouched down"; "She bowed before the Queen"; "The young man stooped to pick up the girl''s purse"
    synonyms:, ,

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