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bourgeois:    मध्य वर्ग
democracy:    प्रजातंत्र राज्य
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  1. He's a strong proponent of free markets and traditional bourgeois democracy.
  2. Indeed, he saw Fascism and Stalinism as the culmination of bourgeois democracy.
  3. "They have a bourgeois democracy, that's democracy for the few.
  4. Essentially, whether or not socialism is a higher form of democracy than bourgeois democracy.
  5. I know that contact with barbarians or, worse, bourgeois democracy, destabilizes a country.
  6. The Communist Party of Italy ( Marxist Leninist ) declared its opposition to the parliamentary bourgeois democracy.
  7. GSE : Bourgeois democracy . . . is a form of dictatorship of the capitalists over the proletariat.
  8. The party supported the creation of bourgeois democracy while opposed the Soviet-type economic model, according to its programme.
  9. The revised constitution also championed the " values of bourgeois democracy and democratic socialism " and gave equal status to public and private property.
  10. The proletariat would lose all its hard-won independent position and be reduced once more to a mere appendage of official bourgeois democracy.
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