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  1. Another booby prize winner, from 1977 : " The Turning Point ."
  2. Their booby prize : the eager pandering of every Republican presidential candidate.
  3. "More to Love " certainly makes that seem like the booby prize.
  4. There were different mascots through different seasons, normally associated with a booby prize.
  5. The original Spanish version had a pumpkin as a booby prize.
  6. The Alamo Bowl is not a booby prize but an opportunity.
  7. "the interview of the century, " more appropriately the booby prize of trash journalism.
  8. She thought of adoption as " the booby prize ."
  9. The booby prize is that it also gave the Liberty a so-called home-court advantage.
  10. And thus, the Sooners would be stuck with the biggest booby prize of all.
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  1. a prize given to one who finishes last in a contest

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