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• दरवाजा बन्द कर के जाने से रोकना
bolt:    बाण सिटकिनी लगाना
out:    हड़ताल पर बहाना
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  1. Then came the 0-1, like a lightning bolt out of the sky.
  2. "It came like a bolt out of the blue, " he said.
  3. And so far not one squeak, rattle or bolt out of place.
  4. It came, quite literally, as a bolt out of the blue.
  5. Jordan's salvo surely did not come as a bolt out of the blue.
  6. A Chargers'lightning bolt out of nowhere struck, dazzled and confused them.
  7. This accusation about Nicky has come like a bolt out of the blue.
  8. For Alan, it was a bolt out of the blue.
  9. It was veritably a bolt out of the blue ."
  10. Suddenly fearing for his safety, Tyler bolts out of the arcade as Bob chases him.
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  1. leave suddenly and as if in a hurry; "The listeners bolted when he discussed his strange ideas"; "When she started to tell silly stories, I ran out"
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