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  1. Even the largest diameter unprotected cable can be quickly cut with bolt cutters.
  2. All were later removed away by police who used bolt cutters and angle-grinders.
  3. Four officers leaped onto the tank and opened the hatch with bolt cutters.
  4. Officers leapt onto the tank and used bolt cutters to open the hatch.
  5. Some carried additional equipment, such as hook ladders, radios, large bolt cutters, etc.
  6. One of the men had bolt cutters slung across his shoulder.
  7. Security officer James Patterson held large bolt cutters over one arm.
  8. Sergeant Te used bolt cutters to cut open chains lashing shut the bamboo bars.
  9. A Coast Guardsman had a bolt cutter in his hands, snipping away container seals.
  10. The Lockout rolls on, with no bolt cutters in sight.


  1. an implement for cutting bolts

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