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  1. And along the Florida coast, deep water is almost always a boat channel.
  2. The Beach is bisected by the dredged Mendota boat channel.
  3. Out on the water, the girls heed Hilmer's call to charge across the boat channel.
  4. And even crossing the boat channel correctly, like Hilmer's group of Girl Scouts, can be tricky.
  5. There is a swimming channel and a former boat channel that was dredged out of the reef.
  6. Then in 1891 the city council, or Duma, came up with a plan to create a boat channel.
  7. A boat channel on the island of Oahu to the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology was overcrowded with coral reefs.
  8. There is a small boat channel into the lagoon in the southwest, about wide and deep, southeast of the artificial islet.
  9. He instructs them to turn right and shoot across the deep boat channel where motor boats surge towards the open ocean.
  10. The next landing was at Lennox Head in the boat channel area ( bream hole / moat ) of the beach.

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