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  1. They also favor more sunny cafes on or near the boardwalk.
  2. And after a while the boardwalk skiing just got more boring.
  3. Now he talks about building a fishing pier and a boardwalk.
  4. The " street " is a boardwalk on pilings.
  5. And we have more rides on our boardwalk than Disney World.
  6. On the boardwalk, you'll be having some fists.
  7. A 1, 600-foot boardwalk spans Lake Worth Cove.
  8. HOLIDAY INN BOARDWALK : " The Dream King,"
  9. The hours of the lifeguards are posted _ on the boardwalk.
  10. Alexandria decided to move off the boardwalk to a new spot.
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  1. a walkway made of wooden boards; usually at seaside

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