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• अलग्न शिरा-शैल
blossom:    कली कोंपल पुष्प
rock:    पत्थर पहाड़
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  1. Rich's original source for this information was Jeanette MacDonald's older sister, actress Blossom Rock.
  2. Blossom Rock ? ( I'm talking about looking evilish, not saying these ladies were evil ).
  3. The race started just west of Blossom Rock Buoy and ended at the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge.
  4. One casualty of the lumber business, the Blossom Rock Tree, had a trunk diameter of 33.5 feet and was over 300 feet tall.
  5. Rich, who was a close friend of MacDonald's older sister Blossom Rock, claims the relationship lasted with a few breaks until MacDonald's death.
  6. It featured most of the original cast, except Blossom Rock, who had played The Blessed Virgin Grandmama but was very ill at the time; she was replaced by Jane Rose.
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