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  1. Double peony tulips are short, late bloomers with many petals.
  2. "He's a tremendous later bloomer,"
  3. The late bloomers in masters competition are becoming a passing phenomenon.
  4. Big underwear too, bloomers and stuff like your grandmother wears.
  5. Early bloomers are planted in groups of no fewer than 25.
  6. Ms . Spicer, 45, considers herself a late bloomer.
  7. He's a big gawky kid, a late bloomer.
  8. Now, all three have evolved into late bloomers at Georgia.
  9. For me, he seemed the patron saint of late bloomers.
  10. Can a late-bloomer win the Run for the Roses?


  1. an embarrassing mistake
    synonyms:, , , , , , , , ,
  2. a flower that blooms in a particular way; "a night bloomer"

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