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bloody:    पूर्णतः फालतु खून
well:    भलाई लाभ कटघरा
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  1. It's bloody well making something of yourself ."
  2. :I will bloody well go on about it!
  3. I am bloody well tired of it-so should we all be.
  4. I hope it's as tough as they bloody well can get it.
  5. It's not confirmed unless it's and you bloody well know it.
  6. He just serves so bloody well.
  7. But we took the challenge, so you might say we bloody well asked for it.
  8. I " m bloody well going to have a vanilla slice as well ."
  9. Walters told them, " you bloody well have to make a choice ."
  10. :: : : Do you bloody well mind not calling me a silly bugger Guy?
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