bloody mary meaning in Hindi

bloody mary sentence in Hindi
• ब्लडी मेरी

• खूनी मेरी
bloody:    पूर्णतः फालतु खून
mary:    मेरी ईसा मसीह की
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  1. They're great for lots of things, including as garnish for Bloody Marys.
  2. New Year's Day will feature Bloody Mary " First Aid Stations ."
  3. Try the bloody Mary, made with a maceration of peppercorns and vodka.
  4. Eastham performed " Bloody Mary " in the chorus of singing sailors.
  5. It's about using a diamond swizzle stick to stir the Bloody Mary.
  6. He calmed his nerves with two Bloody Marys in Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.
  7. Carlson then spilled a Bloody Mary on Norquist at a dinner here.
  8. Marys persecution of Protestants earned her the nickname " Bloody Mary ".
  9. I once had a Bloody Mary in Austin that had chipotles in it.
  10. Mary Woronov played the owner of a store called Bloody Mary's.
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