bloody fool meaning in Hindi

bloody fool sentence in Hindi
• काठ का उल्लू
• घोर मूर्ख
• महामूर्ख
bloody:    पूर्णतः फालतु खून
fool:    गाउदी जड़ मूर्ख मूढ़
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  1. As the coffin was lowered into the grave one attendant screamed " you bloody fool ! ".
  2. He said he told Vincent he was a " bloody fool " but later decided to string him along to find out who was behind the idea.
  3. They're sociable events : Neighbors get together in fire halls and school basements, talk about their preferences, declare one another bloody fools or communists, separate themselves into corners.
  4. When Rhodesian minister P K van der Byl confronted Mugabe about his tardiness and tersely demanded an apology, the ZANU leader became enraged and screamed, " Foul-mouthed bloody fool !"
  5. "People like my older brother devoted their lives to the Cultural Revolution, only to find out they were bloody fools, " said a businessman who declined to give his name.
  6. "Don't touch me, you bloody fool, " shouted Syed Hassan, a supporter of the imam, as he engaged in a struggle with Kabir Yaqubie, a foundation board member.
  7. As the coffin was lowered into the grave one friend was overcome and screamed " you bloody fool ! " Bacon remained stoic during the proceedings, but in the following months suffered an emotional and physical breakdown.
  8. Then he turned to his wife and said : " I shall look a bloody fool if I don't die after that, won't I ? ", and died within a few moments ."
  9. "And when I do, Julian Ogilvie Thompson, Anglo's chairman, will say, " Who is this bloody fool telling us what to do ?'And of course, it is bloody arrogant of me.
  10. And for all of that time all of you have denied this, and attempted to make out that I am a bloody fool-- unfortunately, there was enough of you to sow the seeds of doubt into many people's minds.
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