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  1. An increase in blood volume correlates with vaginal lubrication, and arousal issues,
  2. Blood tests showed evidence that participants'blood volume also increased in the summer.
  3. Hence, cuff pressure is lowered and the overall blood volume remains constant.
  4. In other words, hemoglobin concentration and blood volume contribute to hemoglobin mass.
  5. Twenty-four hours later, the astronaut or bedridden individual's blood volume is restored.
  6. "It increased pulse amplitude and blood volume in women, " she said.
  7. In severely bleeding patients, replacing blood volume quickly is critical to survival.
  8. The increase in blood volume after cuff inflation is also usually diminished.
  9. The kidneys retain more water toincrease blood volume _ raising blood pressure.
  10. Blood volume is kept constant by applying this corresponding pressure from the outside.
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