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• रुधिर वंशक्रम
• शुद्ध वंशक्रम
blood:    स्वभाव ख़ून
line:    श्रेणी डोरी पेशा
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  1. Wherever one of the El blood line went, the Phantoms would follow.
  2. Kaiser will not re-use blood lines, as National Medical and others do.
  3. Fresh tuna that's handled properly will have no veins or blood lines.
  4. There's definitely more than a passing of rottweiler in his blood line.
  5. They all are related to each other somehow, blood lines hopelessly mixed up.
  6. Mexican-American and Mexicans may share the same blood lines, surnames, complexion and religion.
  7. Then there is no blood line or legal obstacle to marrying your aunt.
  8. Hence it is impossible to comepletely preserve the Rajput blood line.
  9. There are no royal blood line's in native American culture.
  10. This was done to ensure that the blood line and tradition would be preserved.
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  1. the descendants of one individual; "his entire lineage has been warriors"
    synonyms:lineage, line, line of descent, descent, bloodline, blood, pedigree, ancestry, origin, parentage, stemma, stock

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