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  1. It's already brutal and it relies on blood and thunder to be an attraction.
  2. "King " is more than just blood and thunder, though.
  3. "It is more blood and thunder and you just don't get any time to play.
  4. Was there ever such a blood and thunder chase?
  5. May Bank Holiday 2011 saw the return of Blood and Thunder boot camp to Birmingham.
  6. It was during the 70s that the blood and thunder style became popular with loyalist bands.
  7. In May 2010 CCR hosted the first Blood and Thunder 3 day Boot Camp in Birmingham.
  8. The single " Blood and Thunder " reached number 27 on the " Modern Rock Tracks chart.
  9. "We have to win, Rangers maybe don't have to win, but there will be blood and thunder ."
  10. Rose's babyface persona returned at " Blood and Thunder " on October 12, as she defeated Nikki Storm.
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