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  1. The paper about an Aboriginal tribe that had blondism is convincing.
  2. *Blondism exists among approximately 10 % of Italians, with different regional proportions.
  3. Blondism increases to nearly one fourth of the inhabitants when approaching the Italian Alps.
  4. The lowest percentage is found in Sardinia, where only 1.7 % of the people exhibited blondism.
  5. The study records blondism in central Australian Aborigines, notably among the Warlpiri around Alice Springs ( AFAIK, Rowan McNamara " is"
  6. In northern Spain, 17 % of the population shows traces of blondism, but in southern Spain just 2 % of the people are blond.
  7. As mentioned, the blond hair common in some Melanesian groups has been genetically proven to be native and to be caused by a different mechanism than in European blondism.
  8. In Portugal, an average 11 % of the population shows traces of blondism, peaking at 14.3 15.1 % blondes in Povoa de Varzim in Northern Portugal.
  9. Many primates have blondism in juveniles or red hair, including humans, gibbons and Silvered leaf monkeys, which seems to elicit caring behavior and perhaps deter aggression from sexually mature males.
  10. Anthropological and cultural data indicate The Races of Europe " ( 1938 ), " Poveiros " were distinguished by having a greater than usual degree of blondism, broad faces of unknown origin, and broad jaws.
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