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अवरोधन क्रिया
अवरोधी क्रिया
blocking:    निरुद्ध करना
action:    युद्ध अभियोग रचना
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  1. But Republicans said that the administration was deliberately blocking action on welfare.
  2. :I'll leave the blocking action up to another admin, then.
  3. Asset blocking actions were ordered Thursday by the Treasury Department.
  4. Policy allows a blocking action to be reviewed on request by an uninvolved admin.
  5. No blocking action taken on my part unless it continues.
  6. By blocking action potentials, no signals can be exchanged between the brain and the extremities.
  7. A . Permanent members have the right to veto virtually any decision, often blocking action.
  8. No blocking action required : both users have already been indefinitely block for abusing multiple accounts.
  9. I do understand that there are certain kinds of designations, blocking actions that Malaysia has not taken,
  10. Now, they are limited to blocking actions.
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