blither meaning in Hindi

blither sentence in Hindi
• ज़िंदादिल
• पुलकित
• प्रफुल्ल
• प्रसन्न
• प्रसन्नचित
• प्रफ़ुल्ल
• लहरी
• हंसमुख
• ख़ुशदिल
• आनन्दित
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  1. The blithe precision of Ella's voice filled the room.
  2. Latin Americans, Allende says, are more blithe about destiny.
  3. "West " also makes blithe fun of racism.
  4. But then David suggested something with [ my dog ] Blithe.
  5. Is bonny, and blithe, and good, and gay!
  6. The original relied on the shock of this blithe sexual predator.
  7. The bad are blithe about it and end up in purgatory.
  8. You will see the term peak oil used with blithe familiarity.
  9. The voices are girlish and blithe, on top of the world.
  10. I try to sound blithe but my heart is breaking.
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  1. to talk foolishly; "The two women babbled and crooned at the baby"
    synonyms:, , ,

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