blind drunk meaning in Hindi

blind drunk sentence in Hindi
• उन्मत्त
• मतवाला
• मदहोश
• शराबी
• नशे में धुत्त
blind:    अंध व्यक्ति शिकार
drunk:    पियक्कड़ मत्त
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  1. We are not encouraging people to get blind drunk and drive,
  2. He ends the scene by getting " blind drunk ."
  3. Forget that her limo driver was quite literally blind drunk.
  4. Two in five are blind drunk at least one night a week.
  5. When I told her, she got blind drunk, cursed me and cried.
  6. Hibbler said Ellington told him, " but not a blind drunk ."
  7. Ned Beatty is Judge Roy Bean, said to be blind drunk nine days out of 10.
  8. She believes that even if she were blind drunk, that would not excuse her other senses.
  9. However, Puppis is blind drunk after consuming several bottles of liquor he bought at the rest stop.
  10. Its not Saturday night if they dont end up blind drunk and having a ruck in tha car park.
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