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  1. Forget all that country-club blather about unanswered job ads.
  2. But there is also a fundamental conservatism that mistrusts revolutionary blather.
  3. A commotion of sense and blather, information and mere chat.
  4. No blather that the referees have to start giving us breaks.
  5. Infotainment shows likewise offer the most pervasive barrage of movie promoting blather.
  6. At least let such celebrities spare us any blather of racial harmony.
  7. This silly blather seems to have had considerable publicity value.
  8. Stripped of its legalistic blather, the rationale is simple:
  9. But so much of the blather seems self-serving.
  10. For all its blather, this is a useful book.
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  1. foolish gibberish
  1. to talk foolishly; "The two women babbled and crooned at the baby"
    synonyms:, , ,

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