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  1. He also says that a bad temper is more natural and less blamable than desire for excessive unnecessary pleasure.
  2. In the region called Aratta, resides the people called the Sauviras are almost as blamable in their practices ( 8, 44)
  3. The fraud involving claims from the councils'insurers suppose staging damages blamable on the local authorities ( mostly falls and trips on council owned land ) or inflating the value of existing damages.
  4. The agent-less passive style in presenting events is a second linguistic tool with the help of which people can establish the appearance that the blamable and pernicious acts stem from indescribable forces rather than people themselves.
  5. On the other hand, I know that it is blamable that I evaded my block, but the only reason was to show that I want to be a good contributor and my goal is to improve articles, not to disturb others.
  6. In particular, Swift claims, " For a man's Conscience can go no higher than his Knowledge; and therefore until he has thoroughly examined by Scripture, and the practice of the ancient Church, whether those points are blamable or no, his Conscience cannot possibly direct him to condemn them ."
  7. Kroes'ministerial reputation was marred when a parliamentary investigation concluded in 1997 _ long after she left office _ that she was " blamable " for awarding a euro10 million subsidy to Tank Cleaning Rotterdam, a company with a poor reputation that went on to badly pollute the Rotterdam harbor in the Netherlands'largest environmental scandal.
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  1. deserving blame or censure as being wrong or evil or injurious; "blameworthy if not criminal behavior"; "censurable misconduct"; "culpable negligence"
    synonyms:blameworthy, blameable, blameful, censurable, culpable

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