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  1. In 1896, the Merchants'Ad-Sign Company purchased the " plant and good will " of McLain's City Bill Posting Company.
  2. A century ago, Barclay said, " every wall in Paris was rented out for posters, so the government had to pass a law restricting bill posting to specific areas ."
  3. Hundreds of thousands of jobs will disappear in telecommunications and office work, as microprocessors and radio transmitters replace humans in directory assistance, switchboard operations, switching equipment maintenance, telephone and cable television wiring, bill posting, word processing and data entry.
  4. "' Flyposting "'( sometimes known as "'wild posting "'or "'bill posting "') is a guerrilla marketing tactic through the act of placing advertising posters or flyers in legal or illegal places.
  5. The following are some advanced features that a modern hotel telecommunications system should consider : property Management Interface; multi-lingual voice confirmation system; multi-lingual wake-up call; multi-lingual voice mail; fax mail; video-conferencing system; Internet access; in-house paging system; automatic call distribution system; cordless telephony; guest room telephone with dedicated one-touch button and dataport; and cellular telephone with dedicated one-touch bill posting.
  6. Wild postings ( also referred to as flyposting or bill posting ) is a fundamental guerrilla marketing campaign which uses cost-effective static poster campaigns where posters are adhered without permission to high traffic urban areas such as the side of buildings, walkways or alleys, shopping malls, lampposts, university campuses, on caf?bulletin boards or skate parks etc . Wild posting marketing can encompass different varieties including paper posters, tear-away posters, guerrilla cling posters ( statically charged plastic posters which can stick to most smooth surfaces ), magnets, stickers and vinyl labels.

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