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  1. There is at least one confirmed attestation of a bidental consonant in normal language.
  2. "' Bidental consonants "'are consonants pronounced with both the lower and upper teeth.
  3. In ancient Roman religion, a Bidental was a sacred spot erected on the location where lightning had struck.
  4. The diacritic for bidental consonants in the extensions to the IPA is the same superscript plus subscript bridge, & thinsp; } }.
  5. Japanese speakers also use an ingressive bilateral bidental friction used as a " pre-turn opening in conversation " or when beginning a prayer.
  6. Richardson and other scholars hypothesize that the filled in niche may have not been the altar of Julius Caesar, but the " Puteal Libonis ", the old " bidental " used during trials at the " Tribunal Aurelium " for public oaths.
  7. William Warde Fowler says these priests should have been concerned with lightning bolts, " bidental " being both the technical term for the " puteal ", the hole resembling a well left by strikes onto the ground and for the victims used to placate the god and purify the site.

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