bicycle seat meaning in Hindi

bicycle seat sentence in Hindi
साइकिल की सीट
bicycle:    साइकिल साइकिल
seat:    बेंच आसन बैठक ओहदा
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  1. And the bicycle seat was starting to feel like a torture device.
  2. Quite a few experts reject the idea of child bicycle seats completely.
  3. THE CLAIM Bicycle seats can cause impotence for male riders.
  4. As a boy he must have had a loose bicycle seat ."
  5. A bed roll was strapped to her bicycle seat.
  6. He found out last year that there's life beyond a bicycle seat.
  7. Only men compete here, which creates an added hazard _ the bicycle seat.
  8. Nothing spoils a ride like an uncomfortable bicycle seat
  9. How'bout a toilet seat, a bicycle seat, a rubber mermaid?
  10. NIOSH recommends that riders use a no-nose bicycle seat for workplace bicycling.
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