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bestir sentence in Hindi
• प्रेरित करना
• कोशिश करना
• मन लगाना
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  1. Such unilateral honesty might bestir the resentment that unites many Europeans.
  2. He added : " Poles, bestir yourselves.
  3. But it is one that might well bestir the spirit of William Paley.
  4. House Intelligence _ " Hipsi " to the trade _ should bestir CIA counterintelligence.
  5. But they had better bestir themselves.
  6. Maybe some marginal voters will bestir themselves and we'll gain a few points in turnout.
  7. One wonders what it will take to bestir the Bush administration on the subject of global warming.
  8. When their television set is stolen, the boys bestir themselves to go out and steal a replacement.
  9. As the band labored behind him, he would bestir himself from time to time and emit a note.
  10. Few people caught up in Memorial Day traffic bestir themselves to remember the Union's Civil War dead.
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  1. become active; "He finally bestirred himself"

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