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बेन्जोइक अम्ल
बैन्जोइक अम्ल
acid:    खटाई तेजाब ऐसिड
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  1. Cats have a significantly lower tolerance against benzoic acid and its mice.
  2. This chemical compound is an organochloride and a derivative of benzoic acid.
  3. "' Calcium benzoate "'refers to the calcium salt of benzoic acid.
  4. It has a pungent smell similar to that of benzoic acid.
  5. The desired product, benzoic acid, is obtained by the following work-up:
  6. Commercially available, it may be prepared by reacting benzoic acid and aniline directly.
  7. The salts and esters of benzoic acid are known as "'benzoates " '.
  8. Unlike Siamese benzoin, Sumatran benzoin contains cinnamic acid in addition to benzoic acid.
  9. Benzoic acid is metabolised to either benzoyl glucuronide or hippuric acid.
  10. This means that ortho-substituted benzoic acids are stronger than meta-and para-substituted benzoic acids.
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  1. a white crystalline solid occurring in many resins

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