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belt:    इलाका कमरबंद
drive:    गेंद मारना सैर
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  1. During this time there was options like battery ignition and belt drive.
  2. A chain mounted centrally replaced the belt drive to the rear axle.
  3. The engine was placed near the rear wheel, eliminating the belt drive.
  4. He started manufacture of lathes of the series LO with overhead belt drive.
  5. The suit focuses on Ford-manufactured parts : a serpentine belt drive and transmissions.
  6. The F800ST has a low-maintenance belt drive and single sided swingarm.
  7. In 1955, DAF produced its first drafts of a car belt drive system.
  8. The Super X has quiet belt drive instead of chain or shaft drive.
  9. There is a maintenance-free toothed belt drive to the rear wheels.
  10. Each fan had its own self-contained motor unit, with no need for belt drive.
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