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  1. The Statler Hotel bellhop had hauled up the green felt table.
  2. W . is the bellhop of the Council on Foreign Relations.
  3. Would we be needing anything else, the smiling bellhop inquired.
  4. In the lobby, bellhops were attired in traditional Chinese dress.
  5. Bellhops whisked away our clubs and a valet took the car.
  6. He supported himself mainly working as a bellhop in Hollywood hotels.
  7. The bellhop appeared instantly and struck up a friendly conversation.
  8. Bill Dana created Jose Jiminez, the Mexican immigrant bellhop.
  9. I don't suspect that's what bellhops expect either.
  10. Altomare thinks Virtual Bellhop can make his dream come true.


  1. someone employed as an errand boy and luggage carrier around hotels

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