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  1. The thrust washers are pushed against the ball bearings inside the gear by Belleville washers.
  2. A Belleville washer is, then, a type of conical shape that gives the washer a spring characteristic.
  3. Belleville washers should never overhang the joint they are trying to secure, as all of their clamping force is on the outside perimeter edge of the washer.
  4. In critical applications, Belleville washers are often used to apply continuous force to PTFE gaskets, ensuring a minimal loss of performance over the lifetime of the gasket.
  5. These single-leg landing gear struts also made use of stacks of conical Belleville washers inside them, as their main form of suspension for takeoffs and landings.
  6. If a belleville washer overhangs a joint, its clamping effectiveness is exponentially reduced, and it is a poor application that will eventually fail under thermal expansion and contraction.
  7. Belleville washers, when used on the mounting bolts, are also useful as an indicator of swelling or shrinkage of wooden propellers on aircraft ( typically experimental aircraft ).
  8. At the same time, the alternator drive hub fastening method was changed from a lock washer to a belleville washer to stop the bolt from working loose due to heat cycling.
  9. As propeller balance depends on the weight of blades being equal, a radical difference in Belleville washer gaps may indicate a difference in moisture content and thus weight in the adjacent blades.
  10. Belleville washers have been used as return springs in artillery pieces, one example being the French Canet range of marine / coastal cannon from the late 1800s ( 75 mm, 120mm, 152 mm ).

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