befool meaning in Hindi

befool sentence in Hindi
• धोखा देना
• उल्लू बनाना
• मूर्ख बनाना
• बेवकूफ़ बनाअना
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  1. But his mischievous yet innocent laugh failed to befool the Sardarji who showed him the place where he had kept his share .
    किंतु उसकी शरारतपूर्ण मंद मुस्कान सरदार जी की आंखों को धोखा न दे सकी क्योकि जब सरदार जी ने उसे वह स्थान दिखा दिया जहां उसने सामान रखा था .


  1. fool or hoax; "The immigrant was duped because he trusted everyone"; "You can''t fool me!"
    synonyms:, , , , , , , ,
  2. make a fool or dupe of

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