beat off meaning in Hindi

beat off sentence in Hindi
भगा देना
ध्वस्त कर देना
beat:    आघात आवाज मार
off:    से अलग छूट छुट्टी
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  1. Too many people have had the face beat off them for trying,
  2. After Kempthorne's death Wrenn took the command and beat off the enemy.
  3. We got beat off the wall, beat in front of our net.
  4. "You've got to come in each year and beat off the competition.
  5. Later the mutineers mounted a series of attacks, which the soldiers beat off.
  6. "I sort of think he's the horse to beat off that race ."
  7. If they are to beat off the insurgents, they must work for it.
  8. Ukrainian forces beat off an infiltration attempt near Kryakivka, Luhansk Oblast, northern front.
  9. But it needed to beat off a strong late challenge from the tourists.
  10. At the Alfred Edwards who narrowly beat off the National challenge.
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