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  1. If beastliness is an issue, the whole pantheon begins to crumble.
  2. It's as if our default mode is beastliness.
  3. A colorful setting, if you can abide beastliness.
  4. Backstage beastliness neither begins nor ends with him.
  5. All, I guessed, felt isolated enough and cowed enough by the furious beastliness to contemplate themselves in awe.
  6. We must face another foul specimen of the routine police beastliness we dare not, for our soul's sake, get used to.
  7. Like most apartheid killers who apply for forgiveness for acts of uncommon beastliness they can persuasively argue were political, he ultimately gets away with it.
  8. The " New York Times " described the lyrics of " Human Behaviour " as a " parallel between the beastliness of humanity and the bestiality of nature.
  9. Acts of beastliness or neglect by the ministeriate do not implicate the state; they may change the constitution-- and they constantly do-- but the appearance of seamless continuity is maintained.
  10. Her poetry, prose and essays published in emigration were utterly pessimistic; the'rule of beastliness', the ruins of human culture, and the demise of civilization were her major themes.
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  1. unpleasant nastiness; used especially of nasty weather
  2. the quality of being deliberately mean

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