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• दिक्‍कोण परिशुद्‍धता
bearing:    आचरण चाल छबि ढंग
accuracy:    परिशुद्धता
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  1. The system was four times more accurate than the prior Navy system with bearing accuracy better than 0.5 degrees.
  2. For example, in mountainous areas, the VOR may only provide sufficient signal strength and bearing accuracy along one runway approach path.
  3. The range increased to 150 km for aircraft and 30 km for small ships, with a bearing accuracy of 1 2 degrees.
  4. Prichard quotes a range accuracy of 1 to 2 km with a bearing accuracy of 1 degree at range, while Price suggests at.
  5. The bearing accuracy specification for all VOR beacons is defined in the International Civil Aviation Organisation Convention on International Civil Aviation Annex 10, Volume 1.
  6. Due to the physics of the reflection process, actual accuracy is even lower, with range resolution on the order of and bearing accuracy of being suggested.
  7. The five main parameters monitored are the bearing accuracy, the reference and variable signal modulation indices, the signal level, and the presence of notches ( caused by individual antenna failures ).
  8. The chin-mounted AN / BQR-2 passive sonar array supplemented the active BQS-4, with a range up to and a bearing accuracy of 1 / 10 of degree, allowing the BQR-2 to be used for fire control in torpedo attacks.
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