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• धनीजोग प्रतिभूति
• वाहक प्रतिभूति
bearer:    बैरा वाहक वाही
security:    आश्रय ऋणपत्र
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  1. Lapudyev said . " Other bearer securities can't compete ."
  2. Pre-electronic bearer securities were divided.
  3. Regulatory and fiscal authorities sometimes regard bearer securities negatively, as they may be used to facilitate the evasion of regulatory restrictions and tax.
  4. Bearer securities are very rare in the United States because of the negative tax implications they may have to the issuer and holder.
  5. In the United Kingdom, for example, the issue of bearer securities was heavily restricted firstly by the " Exchange Control Act " 1947 until 1953.
  6. The Court also addressed the question of where the " bearer securities are considered to be located in the place where the certificate is physically present under English law.
  7. Travelers checks, private banking, unregistered securities known as bearer securities and correspondent banking _ in which one bank provides services for another foreign bank _ are frequent vehicles for money laundering and terrorist financing.
  8. The dematerialisation of securities incurs that most securities, even though they are sometimes characterised as " bearer securities ", do not take any more the form of paper forms held at home by the investor or deposited in a vault with a bank.
  9. The perception of widespread graft was intensified when Shin Kanemaru, a craggy-faced political power broker who at the time was arguably the most influential person in Japan, was discovered in 1993 with $ 50 million worth of gold bars, cash and bearer securities in his home.
  10. In the case of bearer securities, this is taken to be the law of the jurisdiction where the certificates actually are ( e . g ., in a pledge, where the recipient of the collateral takes possession of the securities certificate at the time of transfer ).
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