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  1. There were also sheer dresses decorated with thin strips of beading.
  2. Add intricate beading and an especially luxurious fabric and prices escalate.
  3. Dripping, beading, drenching and vastly under-appreciated sweat.
  4. _" Something sparkly, with beading or sparkle details.
  5. Beading and embroidery and ruffles, not unadorned stretches of fabric.
  6. Giorgio Armani's bloom with lilac and green floral beading.
  7. Beading and net were used to add both width and height.
  8. Lynch teaches pottery, beading, basketry, and loom work.
  9. Many of the floor-length dresses featured intricate beading and embroidering.
  10. -- Clingy gowns with geometrically-arranged rose beading.
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  1. a beaded molding for edging or decorating furniture
    synonyms:, ,
  2. ornamentation with beads

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