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  1. Unknown to the Peloponnesians, the attack was revealed to Athens by beacon lights.
  2. These beacon lights stay on for the duration of the flight.
  3. This airstrip included a beacon light, radio range, and radio operator.
  4. LED lamps are used for flashing beacon lights on vehicles such as maintenance trucks.
  5. It will be hopefully a beacon light to warn other prosecutors away from this unconstitutional sandbar.
  6. Justice Singhvi is heading a bench of Supreme Court dealing with abuse of vehicle beacon lights.
  7. Erlewine singled out " Beacon Light " and " Hunter " as particular highlights of the album.
  8. A role model, a beacon light.
  9. Among these were seven oil paintings that had been bought as Turners ( including The Beacon Light ).
  10. :: No one doubts the words in the Beacon light can be pretty closely attributed to the Maharishi.
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  1. a tower with a light that gives warning of shoals to passing ships
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