be devoured by meaning in Hindi

be devoured by sentence in Hindi
कूट-कूट कर भरा होना
be:    जीना ठहरना
by:    के निकट पास में बगल
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  1. The fish informed Jonah that he was to be devoured by Leviathan.
  2. They will be devoured by their fans, whatever a critic might say.
  3. The killer's " whole existence seems to be devoured by the desire for revenge.
  4. The doppelg�nger attempted to summon a powerful demon, only to be devoured by it.
  5. These are destined to be devoured by five or seven hooded serpents in this hell.
  6. His classmates try to flee from the church only to be devoured by the boars.
  7. Dumuzi drugs the Doctor into unconsciousness so that his mind can be devoured by Ishtar.
  8. He concluded that Banyan's original market was destined to be devoured by his larger rivals.
  9. He then throws Mal off the ship, onto the Unsea, to be devoured by monsters.
  10. That night, however, Mirabella throws herself in her father's courtyard to be devoured by his lions.
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