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• तगियाना
• तागना
• मारना
• चुपड़ना
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  1. Basting juices are usually broth and oil and other manufactured fats.
  2. Broil for 15 minutes, basting with marinade every 5 minutes.
  3. The film shows a noirish Los Angeles, basting in sleaze.
  4. Having never basted a bird, I am a turkey virgin.
  5. Pan drippings should be basted over the ham as it cooks.
  6. Coat again with paprika, and baste with the pan drippings.
  7. Turn meat as needed to brown evenly; baste with marinade.
  8. Pin and baste the layers together, taking in the piping.
  9. Baste it with maple syrup during the final half-hour.
  10. About 15 minutes before serving, baste ribs with barbecue sauce.
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  1. a loose temporary sewing stitch to hold layers of fabric together
    synonyms:, ,
  1. cover with liquid before cooking; "baste a roast"
  2. sew together loosely, with large stitches; "baste a hem"
  3. strike violently and repeatedly; "She clobbered the man who tried to attack her"

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