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  1. Your basic record business 101 really . . ."
  2. Most family tree software requires users to return to the parent's basic record to add another child.
  3. But we ought to be able to produce basic records of deed, leases, income amount for any trust beneficiary.
  4. Generations has a slightly rigid format : it identifies each family member as half of a married couple in the basic record screen.
  5. The harder the information is to come by, all there more reason there should be a basic record in the public commons.
  6. Among the department's findings were that the board had failed to maintain basic records or follow aspects of the law under which it operated.
  7. Record company engineers took a much closer look at the possibilities of vinyl, possibly that it might even replace shellac as the basic record material.
  8. -- 39 percent didn't properly keep basic records of potential interest to clients, including fees and commissions received, investment returns, and customer contracts.
  9. And while it allows a user to customize the events to list for an individual, that new format for events is then included on everyone's basic record.
  10. In 1980, the music journalist Robert Christgau included the first and second volumes in his list of essential albums, " A Basic Record Library : The Fifties and Sixties ".
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