base plate meaning in Hindi

base plate sentence in Hindi

आधार पट्टिका
आधार पट्‍ट
आधार प्लेट
बेस प्लेट
base:    आधारिक संरचना
plate:    फोटोग्राफी की
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  1. Bethlehem Steel contributed the black steel base plate that supports the fence.
  2. The figures are bronze plated and attached to a pentagonal base plate.
  3. The carriers are pushed by four horn gears in the base plate.
  4. "Down at the bottom of the tree I saw the mortar's base plate.
  5. The wagon consists of a square-shaped, open-worked base plate with four spoked wheels.
  6. Remove the screws holding the old base plate to the wall.
  7. The base plate is very heavy and is fitted with four carrying handles.
  8. Later, the base plate enlarges and then stretches out to create a rhizome.
  9. It is secured by a centrally located wing key in the base plate.
  10. Beginning in 1977, a new base plate was issued, superseding the previous one.
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