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• रोधिका जाल
barrier:    आड़ आड़ घेरा नाका
net:    पाश फन्दा बड़ी
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  1. Another solution for items that have not been restrained is the loadspace barrier net.
  2. These may be directly attached to the body structure or, in vehicles with loadspace cover cassettes, as a combined loadspace cover and barrier net.
  3. AmSafe s aviation products can be found on most commercial aircraft, including seat belts, restraints, cargo and barrier nets, tie-downs, and cabin interior textiles.
  4. Barrier nets catch the wings and fuselage of an aircraft and use an arresting engine or other methods such as anchor chains or bundles of woven textile material to slow the aircraft down.
  5. Due to boating activity, the nets also float 4 metres or more below the surface and do not connect with the shoreline ( excluding Hong Kong's shark barrier nets ) thus allowing sharks the opportunity to swim over and around nets.

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