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  1. Hair accessories such as barrettes or a ski-inspired headband.
  2. How angry can you be at plastic barrettes and ankle socks?
  3. But maybe the barrette in her hair would trigger the sensor.
  4. After World War I, Barrette commanded various Coast Artillery districts.
  5. Aggressiveness and athleticism were applauded, bows and barrettes no longer necessary.
  6. Tiny barrettes held back bangs, third-grade style.
  7. Once Barrette wrote of the joy of eating fresh eggs.
  8. Perhaps a piece of paper, a barrette, a bottle cap.
  9. Jackie gives Tina back her barrette and removes the curse.
  10. A woman carrying a white Maltese bedecked in barrettes.
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  1. a pin for holding women''s hair in place

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