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  1. They kill people and barge in on families at night,
  2. Life will keep barging in on the loftiest discussions and the most intricate metaphors.
  3. Dwight barges in on Angela and her husband and begins thoroughly examining the child.
  4. When they locate his cabin, they barge in on him and his police escorts.
  5. For a moment I worried that we might have barged in on someone's suffering.
  6. Every day, I barged in on Gale Baldwin, the editor, and volunteered to write columns.
  7. The worst part of this business is the way we barge in on people nearly overwhelmed with grief.
  8. Miki's step-mother barges in on the meeting, revealing that she works for them.
  9. He wanders through the house, opening doors and barging in on various servants and guests in embarrassing situations.
  10. You think perhaps you have barged in on a college student about to crack biology books in his dorm room.

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