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charter:    अधिकार पत्र
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  1. In pleasure boating, the most frequent charter arrangement is the bareboat charter.
  2. There is a subtype of time charter called the demise or bareboat charter.
  3. Besides the ASA-sanctioned courses and bareboat charters, most clubs tend to hold racing programs.
  4. The ship was acquired under a ten-year bareboat charter.
  5. In 1918 the tanker was operating on bareboat charter on behalf of the U . S . Naval Reserve Force.
  6. Bareboat charters involve a person renting a boat or cabin and skippering it themselves if they are renting the whole yacht.
  7. On 6 November the Maritime Commission transferred her to the U . S . Army under bareboat charter for supply operations in the Pacific.
  8. There are legal differences between a bareboat charter and other types of charter arrangements, commonly called " time " or " voyage " charters.
  9. Those included large troop and cargo transport ships that were Army owned hulls, vessels allocated by the War Shipping Administration, bareboat charters and time charters.
  10. A "'bareboat charter "'or "'demise charter "'is an arrangement for the rent the vessel from the owner are responsible for taking care of such things.
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