bank mortgage meaning in Hindi

bank mortgage sentence in Hindi

• बैंक बंधक
• बैंक रेहन
bank:    कतार किनारा साहिल
mortgage:    गिरवी बंधक बन्धक
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  1. Most new fixed bank mortgages are between 3.5 percent and 4.5 percent.
  2. To purchase a home for his son, Carone is negotiating a bank mortgage.
  3. In the beginning, Countrywide was a pioneer in the nationwide non-bank mortgage industry.
  4. As the late-2000s financial crisis progressed, first-time buyers had difficulty in obtaining bank mortgages.
  5. The rest will come from housing funds set aside by their employers and bank mortgages.
  6. Like many buyers, Ms . Lee and Chen combined a bank mortgage with loans from relatives.
  7. Most new fixed bank mortgages are between 3 . 5 percent and 4 . 5 percent.
  8. Currently, government programs, along with bank mortgages, can only fund the construction of about 300, 000 new houses.
  9. Financing was through the use of corporate earnings, additional capital shares sold to Directors, and a bank mortgage.
  10. The company, which also runs Citizens Trust Bank Mortgage Services, now has total assets of about $ 270 million
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