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bank:    कतार किनारा साहिल
money:    धन धन-दौलत पैसा माल
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  1. Two similar thefts of bank money occurred at the airport in 1994.
  2. Covarrubias said some of the bank money was recovered after the gunfight.
  3. The latter involves that $ 250, 000 in bank money market accounts.
  4. Much of the World Bank money was expected to cover those expenses.
  5. The average bank money-market account, now paying 2.4 percent, has hardly budged.
  6. Police found bank money wrappers when they searched the men's hotel room.
  7. There is no evidence he used bank money for the trades.
  8. Simply saving banks money can have any one of a number of effects.
  9. Grassroots efforts began with kids offering the station, WPRD, their piggy bank money.
  10. It will be bank money, private-seat license money and luxury-box money.
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