bank merger meaning in Hindi

bank merger sentence in Hindi

• बैंक विलयन
bank:    कतार किनारा साहिल
merger:    मेल विलय विलयन डूब
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  1. The fees are comparable to payments made in other major bank mergers.
  2. The story of Malaysia's bank merger plan is a case in point.
  3. He said his office had received many more proposals of bank mergers.
  4. He said at least one major bank merger is expected this year.
  5. Usually, Charlotte only gets this turned on by a big bank merger.
  6. Justice Department review of bank mergers is routine, but challenges are rare.
  7. RHB : Challenges in Sime Bank merger will be addressed, BUSINESS TIMES
  8. After several weeks of calm, bank mergers are back in full swing.
  9. The French battle follows major bank mergers in Switzerland, Spain and Germany.
  10. Bank merger applications go simultaneously to the Fed and the Justice Department.
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