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  1. He was driving a tank locomotive which collided with a ballast train.
  2. They may also have worked ballast trains from goraghwood quarry.
  3. Ballast trains run from Moolort to Maryborough.
  4. As well as metropolitan trip workings they were used on coal trains to Bombo on ballast trains.
  5. A spur used for ballast trains branches off the southbound track across Huguenot Avenue from the station entrance.
  6. The ballast train was returning to Dalbeattie, running down a gradient of 1 in 100 with little forward visibility.
  7. His father was the station master at Southern Railway as a ballast train clerk also studying transport law and signalling.
  8. During this work, H 199 was stabled at Summit and used to haul work and ballast trains to the railhead.
  9. A G . & S . W . ballast train had the staff and was working in the section to Castle Douglas.
  10. Hymeks were used all over the Western Region on mixed traffic services from secondary passenger and parcels through express freight to ballast trains.

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